Friday, October 12, 2012


A quick catch up on my Instagrams:
My birthday Pizookie
 Birthday breakfast with Dave. A sweet friend offered to take my kids so Dave and I could go out the morning of my birthday. Pumpkin pancakes and bacon... so good.

 The same sweet friend who watched my kids on my birthday brought me the worlds best cookies for Amberfest one day.
 Quinn made me this for Amberfest.
 Veda at soccer last week
 Finally filled some empty frames that have been driving us crazy. DAVE designed these. They all say DAQXV somewhere on the print (Dave, Am, Quinn, Hendrix, Veda)
 Couch eating Hendrix
 An Amberfest treat from Dave one night. He went and got whatever treat I wanted. A freddy's chocolate brownie sundae.
 Hendrix wore this for 3 days straight. All day and to bed. Stinky Skeleton.


Cami and Juan said...

That is the cutest picture of you and Dave. You look gorgeous. I am going to text you a question about that pizookie :) Just wanting to know if it was thicker than our party platter pizookie we got.

Julie said...

I LOVE that adorable picture from Q!

Mom said...

I believe it is fattening just to look at your blog. I love how you are always taking pictures of delicious looking food, and cute kids too.