Sunday, October 14, 2012

tons of instagrams

I have a lot to catch up on! My mom left yesterday, so I'll need to do a recap of all the fun things we did while she was here. I did a lot of Instagramming though- so here's a sneak peek of what we did all week.

My mom read a LOT of books while she was here. Veda and Quinn are both majorly into reading books.  
 Getting pumpkins!

 At the park playing in the sand (and I got new mint pants) :)

 My mom is so fun. Her hair is also covered in hair clips. I wish that was in the picture too :)
 The girls at Sea World
 Me and Hendrix about to ride the carousel together
 Quinn carrying Veda around Sea World. Check out those biceps
 My handsome husband
 Grandma's make the best coloring partners
 The ice cream truck came. So grandma got all the kids a popsicle.
 Then Hendix had the ride of his life. ha :)
 For my birthday, my mom got me a serger!!!!!! I know. Feel free to freak out. It's so super awesome. It's a viking Huskylock. And it's amazing. I've already made two things. :)
 When Veda gets sleepy she loves to rest her cheek on my cheek. It's so sweet. And it makes it hard to put her to bed because she'll just hang out with her face on mine and it's so sweet.
 Sneaky sneaky

 We went to Georgetown to Monument Cafe. It was kinda stormy :)
 Veda trying a lime
 Veda has discovered pockets. Itty bitty pockets for itty bitty fingers

My brother Fritz has been here for a few days too. Here's the whole gang at Round Rock Donuts.
 Lots of tears from Quinn when Grandma left yesterday. It just about broke my heart. Sweet girl. Grandma is so fun and sweet and nice to have around. We're all missing her.
 Veda playing the iPad with headphones on.
 Me and Dave and Fritz went to a Civil Wars and Milo Greene concert last night. It was super awesome. She has the most amazing voice. They were amazing live performers too. Here's a video of them if you aren't familiar.


kelsey said...

A SERGER?!?!?!? You are officially the most spoiled person I know. Jealous. I would attempt more sewing if I had one . . . lol.

Also, Quinn crying when your mom left is so sweet and sad.

Anonymous said...

A Viking Huskylock AND AMBERFEST????!!!!!!??? I need a new family. :) WoWZERS!!!!

I agree Quinn crying is super sweet. My kiddos love grandma so much too.

Really wish you were here. Need someone patient to teach me how to sew better. I'd love to make Chase and Carter matching bedspreads. It will take me years to do it by myself!! :)


Anonymous said...

Also, how many days until you leave on your trip?


Emily said...

Oh, how my heart has wanted a serger! I am so happy for you! Hope your birthday week and visit with your Mama was wonderful!

Mom said...

That was a great re cap of our week together. It just went way too fast. Those pics of Quinn just break my heart and I miss her so much too. No one for me to color with here. It was a great week though and I can't wait until January to see you all again.