Monday, October 29, 2012

phone pics

Every time I've tried to get Hendrix to wear this pink shirt in the past 6 months he says "I don't want to wear that mom- pink is NOT my favorite color." But for some reason he agreed last Sunday to wear it. And I think he liked it. A couple people said something to him at church about him looking cool, and he would mention his PINK shirt. :)
 Hendrix's new favorite show: Wall-E
Dave was on a business trip 4 days last week. By the last day, we had cereal for dinner. My kids thought it was hilarious. :)
 Morning snuggles with Daddy after he got home from his trip.
 Hendrix counted the goldfish in this pond. It was a good guess :)
 Quinn reading to Veda. Quinn is just soaring through books. It's so fun to watch her learning to read. It's the best thing ever.
 cowboy princess
I LOVE this little girl. Last week while Hendrix was at play group (and Quinn was at school) me and Veda had a fun little date. We sat outside in the PERFECT Texas weather and shared a cookie at Panera and walked around Nordstrom Rack. It was a perfect morning with the world's most perfect baby girl. Look at that face! She's the best.
 Veda is a Watermelon this year. It suits her.
I hosted book club at my house last week. And instead of eating dinner at home and having the kids mess up the house I spent the day cleaning, we had a picnic at the little pond by our house. Quinn was abnormally in the mood to pose for the camera. Maybe she's coming around?
 Hendrix is loving soccer. I love it too :)
 Hendrix asked to sit on the potty the other day. No- he's not potty trained. And no- I'm not really pushing him. He did go in the potty this time- but hasn't since.
 Hendrix is a rock star for Halloween this year. It also suits him :)
 Sweet baby girl reading books.
 While Dave was gone I borrowed a jogger so I could run with the kids. Yikes- pushing a stroller while running is HARD. I'm never buying one of these so I never have to do it again. But it was a gloriously beautiful morning. I love Texas.
 It was 'red' day at school for Quinn. She had nothing to wear, so she borrowed this dress from Veda. They are already sharing clothes

 Having fun at Target
 I helped in Quinn's classroom last week. Kindergarten teachers are amazing. I can't imagine doing what they do every day. It was fun to see Quinn in her new element.
 Veda walking to a play date. She is growing up way too fast.
 More books. And pig tails.
 Hendrix's Halloween bag that I made


Cami and Juan said...

I love seeing a little glimpse of your life. Quinn reading, I bet it is just the best thing ever. It blows my mind, I can't even think of my little girls growing up. But also SO exciting! I love Veda's knee socks.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i seriously love you life!!! xoxo

Stephanie Lee said...

It's so fun to see all these pictures of your cute kids! They are darling! And you're such a sweet mom, making their lives so special and fun. :)

Mom said...

Keller's rock! Cute pictures of your week. Seems I live vicariously through your life and pictures and darling children.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

You are such a good mom Amber, I want to be like you when I grow up :-) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Love the latest post. We own a double jogger. Pushing it is enough of a work out for me. Jan and I have only gone running a few times. It was before her baby. I'd give her my two boys in the jogger to push . . . and then I could keep up with her. SERIOUSLY???!!!! and she was ok with it.

As always, love your posts. They are adorable. Glad to hear you did ok with Dave gone. Cereal on the last day sounds pretty normal. :) Doing it alone is tough.

Love Ya!! Gabrielle

kelsey said...

cereal for supper is a must sometimes. pushing jogging strollers IS hard, especially while trying to run, not just walk! lol.

cute cute cute kids. love the little legs dangling off the toilet. Scarlett keeps asking me if she can go potty. I tell her no. HA. I'm not in the mood right now to potty train. She'll just have to wait!