Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Veda at 19 months

I thought I'd do a quick update on Veda. She is growing up before my eyes. 
-19 months old
-Loves to do anything her brother or sisters are doing.
-A Mommy's girl through and through. She refuses to go to nursery, yet when she sees my friend Jessica she runs at her with open arms for a hug, LOVES her daddy, and still walks around the house calling out for my mom. She is always happy to see me in the morning when I come and get her from her crib- but I think she is more excited when she sees Quinn first thing in the morning. 
-Really loves puzzles and books. She will pretty much always calm down if you offer to read her a book.

 -Loves backpacks, wearing Quinn's shoes, dressing up, or wearing something silly.
-She is very inconsistent with what she likes to eat. One day she'll love something, the next day she will refuse to even try the same thing. Although she consistently loves fruit and yogurt (and treats) :)
-Veda is still nursing. Usually 3 times a day. I've been trying to nurse her less and less, but the opposite seems to be happening. Maybe my milk is drying up, but she always wants to nurse for a long time. It's hard to refuse her when she's crying and bringing me the boppy. Any ideas on how to wean her? It's definitely ALMOST time. ha :)
-Veda is about the sweetest thing on the planet. She has all of us wrapped around her finger. Even Hendrix is pretty sympathetic to her (not ALL the time, but he is 3). Today I was smooshing a bunch of fire ants that were on our front porch. Veda comes up and starts stomping on them too since she copies everything that anybody does. Hendrix comes over and very sweetly says to Veda "You better stop little baby! They might bite your cute little toe-sies!"

I almost can't believe that I'm sharing this video with you. Just watch how incredibly cute she is and ignore me in the background. She is just the cutest ever.


Natalie said...

she is the cutest thing.

Aaron, Whitney, and kids said...

I love the video! And don't be embarrassed, you sound great :) She's so smart, and cute.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

she is so cute! i love her piggy tails!! i can't believe she is 19 months already! she is growing too dang fast!!

p.s. don't sweat the nursing thing! it will work itself out! just enjoy it! :-)

Cami and Juan said...

19 months! Her video is so cute. And you are such a cute mom for teaching her that song.

Mom said...

Ok, I've watched that video a hundred times now. I love that girl!!

Lindsay said...

she really is the cutest. and that video is awesome. i wish her a cailin could be besties.

kelsey said...

her pigtails make her look so big! I love her squishy cheeks. and your voice.