Wednesday, November 07, 2012

cute kids

We walked down the park the other day. I seriously love this Texas fall weather. Warm enough for t-shirts and cold enough for jeans.
 I just can't get enough of this darling girl.

 It was the 50th day of school yesterday, so the kindergartners were supposed to wear 50's clothes. So of course I made her a little poodle skirt.
 Every day after Veda's nap we have a little alone time. Hendrix sleeps sometimes an hour longer than her. I love the time we get together just me and her. And I love her eyelashes
 And her crazy teeth and scrunchy nose and blonde hair
 And here is Hendrix having a tantrum (supposed to be in the corner). And there is Veda copying him- since she copies anything that Quinn and Hendrix do.
 And yes- I'm THAT mom. Who not only is watching her kid hang out on the gym floor during sacrament meeting, but also the mom who is busting out her camera during church. oops.
And holy smokes. The morning after elections. I was almost excited to wake up and check all the crazy things people were saying on Facebook. Let's face it- that's where I get my 'news.' The CRAZY thing is that I have a different political opinion than 90% of my friends (how does that happen?! it's maybe even 99% of my friends who have a different opinion than me). It was humorous for me to read FB and see that all my friends think that the world is ending and they are 'sick' and mad at all the 'stupid' people who voted for Obama. Don't worry people- the world is NOT ending. And look-- now we can be done with all the political ads and (fingers crossed) done with all the crazy stuff of on Facebook. And one more thing- I LOVE Obama ;)


T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

Amber! I can't believe you just said that(I love Obama).... LOL just kidding and that will be my only comment towards that. I'm so ready to move past all the political stuff aswell AND most importantly yes your kids are adorable and I love the picture of Hendrix throwing a fit :o)

kelsey said...

you're funny and I love you. I have also been laughing all morning at the crazy people about to throw themselves off a cliff over the election. I'm not American, but the Canadian political values are so much more in line with Obama than anyone else that it's been interesting for me to hear everyone talk. It's what I grew up with! lol. But I will say . . . as a farmer's wife, life would have been a lot easier on us if Romney actually had won, even though we all knew he wouldn't.

I love veda copying hendrix during his tantrum. So classic and awesome.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

We won't talk politics am :-) but I agree with you that your kids are way cute!

Cami and Juan said...

I was so excited for election day and the comfort in knowing that if either candidate won, the country would be in good hands. People are silly letting their passion get to them and not thinking about their friends who differ in opinion. I agree, some of the things people say are silly. I like President Obama also, but preferred that Romney win.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i have been loving fb today too! are people really going to move to france!!? silly! america is gonna be alrighty. everyone just needs to calm down a bit :)

and your kids are SO cute! i love the poodle skirt! and i am glad to see a pic of hendrix throwing a tantrum because i think your kids are perfect all the time and it drives me insane!!!! what is wrong with my kids!!!? :)

Mom said...

Don't blame me for America's problems, I voted Libertarian! I didn't even know I was Libertarian until I went through a questionaire with Daine. I also love Veda's eyelashes and scrunch nose and blonde hair. Cute poodle skirt and clunky shoes. I love clunky shoes. I love you and America!

The Thomsons said...

wOoT! I too was entertained with Obama bashing and the end is nigh talk. I think my Dad might disown me when he finds out I voted for 'satan' as well. ;)

Chelsea Stevens said...

Amber, I love that you took a picture of Hendrix on the floor at church. I was thinking this last Sunday as to how far I would let Greyson and Bentley go before I should do something about it.... running the car across the accordion door to the gym was the kicker, only because it was making too much noise. I'm wondering if my children will ever have the attention span to sit through church. Enjoy it while you can... right?!!