Sunday, November 25, 2012

favorite things

Some of my favorite things right now:
Veda's coat. It's from Old Navy-- a very long time ago since it was Quinn's. It's so super darling on her. It ALMOST makes me wish there were more cool days so she could wear it more. Almost.
 I know- are you freaking out? Amber is actually posing a HEALTHY food?? It's crazy, I know. I found this salad kit at Costco last week. I am NOT a salad eater. I love vegetables, but salads are not my thing. But this-- amazing. So super healthy, and yummy too. Brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, cabbage, plus the cranberries and poppyseed dressing (and try adding some of your leftover turkey). It's so good. Plus just the greens are really good on a taco instead of regular lettuce.
 Have most of you discovered coconut oil?? I have a friend who's a health nut (KELSEY), who introduced me to coconut oil. A couple days ago I read on her blog that she was rubbing it on her face before her shower. DO IT. I did it this morning, and my face feels so good. It sounds weird, but seriously try it.
 Clementines. We can eat through a whole bag of these in a day.
Compression socks. This is me after my victorious turkey trot through my neighborhood. Don't worry- there weren't a ton of runners. And my pace was only 8-8:30, so I really shouldn't have won. A Thanksgiving miracle, I guess :)
But these socks- amazing. I have a tendency to get shin splints, so I got a pair after I started feeling a little pain in my shins. But now I wear them on every run, and all day long if I've done a long run that morning. My feet pain was all starting from my calves being too tight, and these socks aid your calf muscles in recovery.  So I feel like these are not only helping my shins, but also preventing more foot pain.
These 3 munchkins. Sorry- not sold in stores.
And this baby dancing


Cami and Juan said...

That salad sounds super healthy and delicious, makes me want a costco membership. I'm glad that you found a solution for shin splints and hopefully your foot pain. Who knew?

Mom said...

I love it when you do a "favorite things" post. It gives me good ideas of what to try mself.