Saturday, November 10, 2012

iPhone pics

Here's a big catch up on my phone pics. 

We went to a s'more party last week. I thought it was pretty funny that we had our first s'mores of the summer in NOVEMBER.
 Hendrix and Quinn were helping Veda get ready for bed :)

 Quinn waiting very impatiently for her carpool ride on Monday. The time change was killing her this week. She kept saying that she 'felt weird' and thought she was late. She isn't like her mommy at all ;)

 A card Quinn made for Dave. "Daddy I love you cuz I love you daddy I just love you." So stinking cute.
 Hendrix teaching Veda the art of "Boot hands." She's a quick learner.

Thank heavens it's Christmas time and these puppies are the stores again, i LOVE these. I might eat the  entire box tonight. :)


kelsey said...

I love Quinn's grumpy face about her carpool. Time change sucks.

I bought some of those oreos because I also thought i loved them and was being rebellious. Gross. I was so disappointed and ended up throwing them away cause the chocolate tasted like wax to me. I should have sent them to you instead . . . sorry. dumb pregnancy.

I love the Halloween picture on the front step with the jack-o-lanterns. And veda in her little jean jacket.

Mom said...

There's too many to comment on but I love the pile of sand in the house, Quinn's cute letter to Dave and how you get the mega carts at Target.