Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pictures! and Instagrams

And look!! Pictures!!! Thanks to my friend Whitney who had the same problem- I figured it out. (even without Dave's help. Feel free to pat me on the back)
So here's some instragrams to hold you over until I have a minute more to blog.

Veda eating/blowing bubbles

 Lovin' at the grocery store
 I have an awesome friend who stood in a humungous long line with me on the opening day of H&M.

 I'm not even joking, Hendrix said this: "Why hello there, little cutie."
 A shirt of Dave's that I altered to fit me
 a bib I made for a friend who's having a baby!
 Some burp rags for her too.
 hanging out at Dave's soccer game last Saturday
 Date night at Alamo. The new James Bond movie-- neither one of us really liked it :(
 we had a sad day the other day. Veda fell and bashed her teeth/lip/nose. Poor girl- lots of blood. Not only that- but Hendrix swallowed a Lego 30 minutes before this happened.


Cami and Juan said...

Swallowed a lego, yikes! I just love Veda's pictures, her beautiful eyes. You are so good at getting good angles and just capturing her personality. And I love the altered shirt!

Mom said...

So, did you just take that shirt in down the sides with your serger? Or did you totally unpick it and start from scratch? Cute pictures of your week!,

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

love the bibs! love the burp rags! i'm going to have babies til the end of time just so i can continue to get all the cute stuff you make for people when they have babies. i love ya! :)

Landen said...

So glad we went to H&M! I felt bad for him but laughed quite a lot to hear that Hendrix ate a Lego...

Pikula's said...

Amber- What did you do to save the storage on Blogger??? I am having the same issue? THANKS!!! And happy Thanksgiving!!!

Amber said...

I added another author on my blog. So I got a new email address and invited them to be an author. So now ill publish posts through that address. Kind of annoying, but it works :)