Saturday, March 16, 2013

catch up!

Sorry- I've totally dropped off the blogging world. It's been spring break here! (although this post is not about spring break). This is what we were up to the week before

Dave and I went to Gordoughs. Amazing... Super fancy gourmet donuts covered in toppings. 
 We also went to California Pizza Kitchen. I love having dates with this guy.
 Veda looking sweet and grown up.
 Hendrix said his baby fell off the slide at the park and got owies. The tape is bandaids. I'd say he did a good job of bandaging her up!
 Getting comfy to watch a show

 Quinn's school is so awesome. They had a 'camping' night. The kids got to sit in tents and have teachers read them a book. We had trail mix, and the kids got to make bookmarks. They had some big kids in the art room to help the littler kids. Veda though it was pretty awesome to have a 'big kid' make her a bow for her bookmark.
 Quinn started piano lessons a couple weeks ago. I made her this bag for her piano books.
 Veda got these darling boots for her birthday from Julie.

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All I can say is "yummm" and CUTE!