Thursday, March 07, 2013

healthy foods

Let me start this post by saying that I am NOT an expert. I just wanted to share with you some of the healthy things I've been eating lately. 

I never ever ever thought that I would really change my diet drastically. I am REALLY addicted to sugar. And let me also tell you that i have no intention of going off sugar completely. I have just been eating WAY better and WAY less sugar and junk food. I have been feeling great and have been less hungry (which I have struggled with hunger for as long as I can remember). 

I owe much inspiration for this to three people: 
1. my mom. She has always been a bit of a health nut. She was raised by an EXTREME health nut. We grew up never ever getting sweetened cereal, only eating whole wheat bread. She has always been a good eater, and has recently even gotten a little more into eating extra healthy. 
2. Dave. Dave has been juicing for one meal a day for 2 years! And I'm not talking about making home made orange juice/strawberry juice/apple juice. I'm talking spinach, celery, and carrot juice... yuck. I'll eat my vegetables thank you. But he is awesome at it and has always had more willpower than me when it comes to sweets. 
3. My friend Kelsey. Kelsey has a blog: Modern Healthy Mom. She is an inspiration. She is really good at eating healthy. And I love her blog. She's awesome. 

So a few weeks ago I went off sugar for the WHOLE WEEK. I didn't even have cravings. I felt great and I felt awesome and proud of myself that I could actually do it. I am still eating a lot healthier, but have had some sugar... ha. But here are the healthy things that I am doing that are helping me stay away from my go-to handful of m&m's, or piece of cake, or bowl of ice cream (or let's face it, all three)

coconut sugar:
You can use this instead of regular granulated white sugar. It has the same amount of calories as sugar, but has a low glycemic index (Which means you don't have the 'crash' like after eating reg. sugar). I've made muffins using it. I mix it with my Crio Bru, and it's awesome in oatmeal. I am new to this- so I'm sure I'll use it in more stuff, this is just where I've started. (and I got this bag at Costco!)
 Chia Seeds!
I am also very new to using chia seeds. Kelsey did an awesome blog post about it HERE. But they have tons of health benefits. They have fiber, omega 3's, calcium,  potassium, and iron. Someone told me to mix them in my yogurt (which I did this morning). And nope- that's not going to be my Chia seed method of choice. I couldn't taste them, but it ruined the creaminess of my yogurt for me. If anyone uses these in something that works well for them, I'd love to hear about it.
These have been my go-to treat. These Peanut Butter Cookie ones only have three ingredients! And they are super yummy. The Peanut Butter chocolate chip ones are amazing  too (those obviously have chocolate chips in them). But still really healthy :) 
DON'T get the combo pack from Costco- it has yucky flavors. 

 see look- 3 ingredients! Or you could be crazy like a couple of my friends and MAKE your own. Way to go super women... I'll buy mine ;)
A couple of other snacks that I'm loving:
Greek yogurt. I HATED Greek yogurt two weeks ago, and now I love it. Crazy how things have changed once I stopped putting a million pounds of sugar in my body. It's so good.
Almonds with grapes: And I don't mean eating some almonds and some grapes, I mean eating an almond and a grape at the same time. Just trust me. My mom has raved about this forever and I never believed her. I even tried it a few times just to humor her and I didn't see anything special. And now- it's one of my favorite snacks ever. (I am NOT usually an almond lover-- unless it's dipped in chocolate)


Anonymous said...

you're doing awesome! my favorite lara's are the lemon square and any of the coconut ones. I am super jealous they have the coconut sugar at your costco!!! I still have to order mine online. Glad you got the chia seeds. I only ever put them in my daily smoothies or just in some juice to sit overnight. I can't do greek yogurt unless I am swapping it for sour cream. Maybe there is hope for me if you grew to like it! I am really happy about this post . . . obviously! lol. now move next door so we can run together. please. It's only a little snowy here . . . just a little.

Mom again said...

Wow, Am. I'm SO proud of you and all your recent efforts! Maybe we will make some great recipes together.Only 3 more weeks until Spring Break!!!! Cashew cookie is my favorite Lara Bar with lemon a close 2nd. We put a combo of Chia Seeds, Hemp seeds and ground flax on our oatmeal or in a smoothie. I make up a container of the 3 seed mix and just keep a spoon in it. Dave is awesome to juice every day. I would more than I do but I don't like washing the juicer.

Lindsey said...

I need to pin this for "in the future." For now, I'll stick with my Reese's eggs and Cadbury minis. But seriously, this is good stuff.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Way to go am! You wouldn't believe Jason and what he's eating :-). He makes green drinks every morning in his nutribullet, throws in kale, chia, hemp seeds, avocado, Maca powder, you name it......I need to join him, I'm eating healthy but haven't tried the green drinks :-). Awesome job amber!

kelsey said...

p.s. I haven't used the coconut sugar in those brownies. I tend to use it in place of brown sugar instead, because it has that caramely flavor to it and is a good brown sugar substitute. I use organic cane sugar to replace the white refined stuff in everything else. Not perfect, but a better option for sure. I never know where to reply to comments . . . I should have just e-mailed? meh. let me know if you like them. I could use some right now . . .

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

you've inspired me! i'm going to try to be better! ....after i finish off that chocolate peanut butter cake that's in our fridge from dinner tonight! no... but seriously! good work am!

Kristin Reichert said...

One of my favorite ways to eat chia seeds is in a chocolate pudding.:) here's the recipe I often use:

Kristin Reichert said...

One of my favorite ways to eat chia seeds is in chocolate pudding!:) here the link for the recipe I often use:

Mom again said...

We put our 3 seed mix on our oatmeal with some frozen black sweet cherries and blueberries. We have this almost every morning!