Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hendrix's Birthday

Hendrix is 5!
No wait- he's actually 4. He just needs a little practice holding up 4 fingers.
Hendrix had a great day! My parents got here the day before, so they were able to spend Hendrix's birthday with him! What a lucky boy. We started the day with presents and oatmeal (of course)

 Then he chose to go to Chuck E' Cheese.
 And he wanted an R2D2 cake. Which is odd, because the kid doesn't really know Star Wars, other than his friend's toys. But it was his birthday, so I was happy to make him whatever he wanted :)

 Four things I love about Hendrix:
1. He is very sweet to me and knows how to turn on the charm. Lots of puppy dog eyes, and "I love you mommy" and "You are so beautiful" and "You look so pretty" and "I want to marry you" and brining me flowers and coloring me pictures and asking to snuggle.
2. He is darling. He has these big eyes and amazing eyelashes. He is quickly looking more like a little boy and less like a baby (which makes me sad), but he still just has baby squishy cheeks and baby soft skin that makes him impossible not to kiss.
3. He is boy through and through. I love having girls to dress up and shop with and craft with- but I LOVE that I also get to experience the "boy" stuff with him. He can make the best car/truck/helicopter noises that only a boy is capable of. He is rowdy and a daredevil. He loves super heroes and bugs and digging in the dirt. And I cherish those things about him.
4. He has the best laugh. There is nothing better than a happy and laughing Hendrix.

Here's to a happy and great 4th year. The last week has already proven to be better. (He wasn't exactly the easiest 3 year old). I can't wait to see what the next year brings for my sweet and awesome little boy. Happy Birthday Hendrix!


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

How is he 4 already???? Wow!! Happy birthday Hendrix!!!

Lindsay said...

you are way too cool and talented. that cake is awesome. you are the queen of birthdays. your kids are very lucky.

Cami and Juan said...

He is so darling. I love the cake! I am glad he is already doing better as a big 4 year old.

kelsey said...

I was like, "WHAT? FIVE?" ha. You tricked me for half a second and made me think I lost an entire year somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised.

Hendrix is such a little stud. I'm going to steal him one day and make him marry one of my girls. I don't even care which one. But probably Scarlett. lol.

Make me a birthday cake.

Mom said...

That was a very cute cake and fun to spend his Birthday with all of you. I even enjoyed Chunky Cheese (as your kids call it). He is such a sweet little boy and was so good while we were visiting making us pictures and showing us his Lego creations. I sure love that cute little guy!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

with the first picture i was like whaaaaa!?!??? was there a year in there that we weren't friends with kellers that i missed his bday!!? ha! i was confused!

he is such a cute little boy! i remember when you brought that little baby home! the best hair i've ever seen on a baby boy! happy birthday hendrix!

good job on the cake!