Sunday, April 14, 2013

what we've been up to

Just some stuff we've been up to:
Veda looking cute
 A blanket I made for Julie for her baby shower. (She's having a baby girl in May!)
 After driving by the pool and seeing people there, I came home and said to the kids: "Hey! I think the pool's open!" Next thing I know, Veda has walked out of her room with an armful of swimsuits. She's ready!
 Quinn got this purple watch from my parents for her birthday. Veda wears it a LOT. And it's cute.
 Veda also carries a baby all over the place. To the park, to the store, to church.
 Vedy in glasses
 Sometimes lately Veda asks to take a nap in Quinn's bed.
 Hendrix has been loving to draw and color lately. And he has taught himself to write his name. That "E" is my favorite.
 Kids hanging out on the porch eating a popsicle
 Laundry baskets are the best


Cami and Juan said...

I am way impressed with Hendrix writing his name! I love the gigantic D. And Veda, she is cuter every day. I love her hair.

Lindsay said...

i love these. veda and the swimsuits. too cute. i love veda's little hand on H's leg in the popsicle photo and cailin loves a laundry basket too. she does the same thing your kids do. she make it a bed. too funny.

Mom said...

What a darling post. I smiled all the way through it! Looks like so much fun goes on at your house.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cute pics! LOVE the blanket! you are so talented!!!