Thursday, April 25, 2013

My "perfect" kids

Look at my darling little angels. I am about to gush on my kids. (And that doesn't mean that everything is perfect). I have a life just like all of you. Things that I struggle with and have a hard time with and feel like I'm failing at. But at the moment, my kids are all in these awesome stages.
 Hendrix is SO GOOD. He is sweet and happy and laughs all the time. He always wants to play with me or snuggle. He seems to have left his dreaded year 3 in the dust. And thank heavens.

And Quinn? Well- she's still kinda hard :) But really- she is always good when it really matters. She is awesome at school and tries really hard. She is reverent at church and has even grown the guts to participate more.
 Veda certainly has the spunk of a 2 year old. But she is so cute. She is funny and sweet. She has all these new words (most of which sound the same as her old words but now mean new things too). She is almost totally poop potty trained. And did I mention cute??!

I'm loving and cherishing these days with my kids at these ages. They are so fun and cute. I love being their mom.


T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

Just an awesome post! Your life does seem perfect but I understand we all have trials too and we want to remember the good times and I get that as a fellow blogger. I've heard people give negative comments about blogs and how they are just showing off their perfect lives but that's so not true... I use my blog as journaling and so what if I want me and my children to remember our journey together :o)

Mom said...

Wow! Great post! And I agree- you have the most awesome children. And cutest! And sweetest!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh you do have cute kids for sure! i like the picture of all of you in the bathroom! so cute!! isn't it the best being a mom!!?!?