Friday, April 12, 2013


Wowee... we have had an eventful couple of weeks!!! 
My kids have been SICK! And me. AND Dave. 
And then repeat that all over again... 3 times. 
I got sick 2 days before my parents got here and felt crumby the whole time. 
Veda was on antibiotics the whole time they were here. 
Quinn missed 2 days of school after they left. 
Everday I woke up wondering if I should bring one or all of us to the doctor. But we've been so much lately (and I have a family full of medical people who I call all the time for advice anyway). 
And I kept putting it off since Veda had JUST finished antibiotics, plus Hendrix had a well check coming up. 

So... we went to the well check. And we were all on the mend (or so I thought). And poor little Hendrix failed his hearing test. So when the doctor talked to me about it, she checked him out and we found out that he has 2 bad ear infections. So I'm sitting there with Veda who was coughing her head off and I mentioned how she just finished medicine for an ear infection, so the doctor peeked again... and sure enough- STILL has the infection. Meanwhile- I am actually feeling almost back to normal, but Dave is still fighting the cough. So I think we are all getting better? I sure hope so. I am sick of this!!!!
 I can't tell you how many times lately I wished I had 2 more laps. Or just two more of me.
 We had lot of impromptu baths with popsicles to get fevers down.
 Ha... Hendrix wouldn't wear the patient gown at the doctor. Robes are for sissies.


Cami and Juan said...

Oh no! I am so sad for you. At least you had a little break to have fun with your parents. Get better!

Mom said...

Bring on the vitamins!!