Tuesday, April 16, 2013

texas one-year anniversary

Where has the time gone? I know, I know... I'm actually two weeks late on this post. We moved on the 2nd of April last year. But WOW!!! It's been a year. So I thought I'd do a recap of the awesome things we've discovered about Texas since we've been here.
It's no secret that we love it here. And if you live here, or have come to visit, I kinda bet that this place has won you over too. 

1. The weather. Are you thinking "But what about July?! What about August?!!" Well- last summer, we survived! We went to the pool a LOT, and went to the park early in the morning. We spent time indoors otherwise, in our lovely air conditioned home. And the rest of the year- AWESOME. Spring here?!! Heaven. Fall?? Heaven. Winter?? Still heaven- but you need a hoodie on and can't wear flip flops every day- just once or twice a week. And yes- a couple of times in January I wished that I owned a coat and had to wear a hat and gloves on my run. (this picture was taken in December. At the park with t-shirts on). 

2. The parks. There are parks EVERYWHERE. And they are awesome and close and fun. 

3. My running group. I love love love that I have such an awesome group of friends to run with. It has changed my life. I have talked about it before, so I'll spare you. But it makes a big difference in my life, so it deserves to be on my list. I'll just leave you with an awesome picture from one of my races. Ha-- the crazy thing about this picture is that EVERY time I see a photographer on the course during a race I make this pose. Yet this is the only picture I've seen of me doing this. So maybe the photographers are seeing me make this pose and choosing not to snap a picture? Who knows... but at least I have this one :)
4. There is so much to do. I leave the house WAY too much- because I fall behind on stuff around the house. I thought I was out and about a lot in Idaho- but I am way more here. (In a good way). And now I don't need to make that 15 minute drive down Meridian Road to get anywhere worth going to :)
5. Veda likes it.
6. We love our house. We are renting, but we have been so happy here. We are in a great neighborhood and have a GREAT little house. Especially for it being a rental.
7. We have lots of lovely new friends. We are lucky enough to have these cute friends on our street- plus another family that is not only in our ward as well, but has kids our kid's age. I have lots and lots of girls here that I love and do things with (girls night, book club. etc). Dave has friends to go to concerts with and play racquetball with. There are just a lot of people around who have accepted us and welcomed us with open arms. And that has maybe made the most difference.
I can't tell you how often this happens, but it happens a lot. Where I'm driving somewhere, (or running) and it hits me.... a "WOW THIS PLACE IS AWESOME" sort of feeling. I know that Texas isn't for everyone, but it is definitely the right place for our family right now. I feel so lucky and grateful for a husband who has led us here.
So it's awesome here!! Come visit!! We'll show you some beautiful places and feed you amazing food-all while we enjoy some awesome weather :)


Mom said...

Was that to convince Julie to move there? Me and Dad? I don't think we need too much convincing. I love the new pictures in the hallway. Are they all Hendrix quotes?

Dave said...

i'm so glad we moved here too dude. to quote one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite tv shows: "texas forever." :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

wow! you've convinced me! i'm packing my bags! :-) ha! seriously, tho it looks like your life is pretty perfect in texas. i'm so happy for you guys! that's great! xo

Martin Mayhem said...

Sold! Maybe we will plan a visit :)