Monday, March 19, 2012

more pics of new house

Wow... I guess I've had a busy week= lack of posting. I've had sick kids and my house is officially in complete chaos from packing. I've had some requests to see more pictures of our new house. I'm sure you'll all get your fill once we live there, but here a few anyway. TWO WEEKS!! And this is where we will call home.

The view from the front door.
Right when you walk in the house- on the left-- is a den. It will be Dave's office. But kinda funny-- since that's how our house is now. Except in our house now it's my salon. Too bad there's not a sink in the new house.
 This is the main family room. Check out that tile. It will take some getting used to. At least it looks pretty.
 Master Bed room.
 Hendrix's room
 The kitchen. I probably won't keep those red curtains up. :)
(Quinn and Veda have a room too-- but it doesn't look that exciting right now. I'll put more pictures up once we move and have furniture)


Emily said...

It looks awesome! So sad to see you go, darn it. Good luck with packing and the move! I'm praying all goes well- it's such a headache- sorry. But how fun to start over in a way!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

ei seriously love it! i am totally jealous and i can't wait to come and visit you!!! :)

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

It's so nice Am......good luck with all the packing. Think BIG area rugs, really, they help a lot (trust me, we have LOTS of
tile :-)

Lindsay said...

it looks awesome. ya that tile would take me some getting used to too. get a big rug. it'll make it feel cozier.

Mom said...

The house looks really nice. I hope you love it there because plane tickets to Austin are less expensive than to Boise!!! See you next week:)

Chelsea and Shane said...

Wow Amber I can't believe you are moving so soon. Don't worry you will get through the craziness shortly... moving is such a pain. I can't wait to hear about your new adventures. Happy packing!!

Lindsey said...

The house looks awesome! I still can't believe you guys lucked out and found it in one day. Good luck with the move!