Thursday, March 15, 2012


Dave has been on a business trip this week. Awesome for him-- but kinda sucks for me. He gets home tonight and I'm so excited!!! I don't know how you ladies do it (those who have husbands that travel). It's hard work by yourself! And kinda lonely.

The house packing has begun. I will admit that so far I'm finding it fun. Ask me again in two weeks how I feel :)

Here's what we've been eating lately. I know you've all been dying to know:

We love Cheerios. All kinds.

 And anyone ever eat vanilla yogurt with grapes? It's the best thing ever. 

Oh wait-- the package of chocolate that I got from my friend Kelsey in the mail yesterday has been the best thing ever :)


kelsey said...

Aw. I need to do some more packing. . . once you get in a groove, it is easy to just get it done. . . the problem is that I haven't found my groove yet!

Glad you liked the package!

Mom said...

Don't pack Hendrix!!
It's good to know how others eat. The chocolate looks yummy!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

you better let us know if you need help packing. seriously we are pros at it :)
did you get the paper from home depot that i told you about? it will make your dishes go super fast!
and i looooove multi grain cheerios too. they are SO YUMMY!