Wednesday, March 28, 2012

tea parties with toothpicks

Quinn loves having tea parties. The other day she even wanted to wear a dress (our tea parties are usually casual affairs). So we went all out and even had everything served on toothpicks. Because in case you didn't know-- if you serve the little food on toothpicks- it's WAY more fun. Try it.
They are hard to see, but we had guests too: Minnie Mouse, Pinkalicious, and Eloise.
 I'm sure you're all thinking that this looks fun but I should be packing my house. You're right. Off I go.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh it's GOOD to have a tea party break when you're packing! :)

you are so close to being done with this week and getting to tx!! crazy! good luck with the last minute stuff. it's always the most stressful.

Mom said...

I think we should have another one tomorrow when I can come. Hooray!! I'm packing, but I only have to pack a suitcase.