Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 sad things

Wow-- did that title just make you so anxious to read my HAPPY blog or what??!! ha... sorry.

1. Saying good bye to my friend Christy. So sad. She's been my best friend here in Idaho and I love her dearly. I will miss her so much it hurts.

2. Saying good bye and thank you to Quinn's preschool teacher (today was Quinn's last day since next week is spring break). She has had an amazing teacher that has literally changed Quinn's life.

3. Quinn realizing that she was going to miss "P" day at preschool. "P" day includes a pajama party while having a picnic of eating pancakes. Quinn said this afternoon: "I'm going to miss Pajama day Amn't I?" And then I cried. Quinn has been so strong about the move. Nothing seems to really faze her. Packing up her stuff, getting rid of some of her toys, selling her bed. So to hear her sad... made me sad.

But one really happy thing-- My parents get here in ONE WEEK!!!!


Kourtni said...

Aww, that is sad. I probably would have cried too :( Hang in there! A lot of good will come from this, and pretty soon you'll be too busy to be sad!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

we are all going to miss you so much!!! :( it is SAD to move, but you are going to have such a fun, fun adventure in TX!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for your parents coming. I can't believe how big your little girl is getting.


kelsey said...

Moving is sad. I cried about leaving you in Boise for a long time. Then again leaving Rexburg. It sucks, but you are a friend magnet and will make a lot of FABULOUS friends, I have no doubt. Or if you need a referral, I know a good one that will live a couple of hours away from you. . . lol.

Quinn really is growing up--- cute and sad.

Lindsey said...

That made me get choked up and I'm not even moving! I hope many great things await for you on the other end.

Mom said...

You both are totally justified to be a little sad. Goodbyes are not fun. Thanks for your happy comment about Dad and I though:) Maybe you and I can have a pajama party picnic and eat pancakes in your new house with Quinn. (And I'm excited about the pool nearby).

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Lots of tears really does hurt, you're the best, I love you! So happy your parents are coming!