Sunday, March 11, 2012

You got me!

Some friends threw me a surprise going away party last night. It was awesome. It was so nice to feel loved and like I'll be missed. It was a Texas-themed party, complete with tiny hats and mustaches. It was at an RV park- so the party room had some awesome heads on the walls (which also got party hats.)

Remember that "awesome neighbor?" Well-- that's her with the hat on. She organized this little shin-dig along with these other ladies. The five of us were just supposed to be going to dinner for one final 'girl's night' before I move. Then we conveniently ended up at this RV park lodge for dessert. (Tricia's in-laws are caterers and had some 'left-over dessert.' And I believed it! And everyone was there! I was seriously surprised. I always thought if someone threw me a surprise party that really deep down I would know it was happening. Nope-- I was shocked. 
There was lots of yummy food. Cupcakes, Tilamook ice-cream, brownies, Italian Sodas, home made Salsa, Chocolate Pudding, and birthday cake. It's almost like someone knew I had a sweet tooth.
Look at these Texas cupcakes. (aren't those the best?! They even had a hershey's kiss baked inside).  
Jason wanted the future Texans to kiss for a picture. He kept "accidentally" messing up so Dave had to kiss me more than once. :)
I've been trying really hard not to think about what we are leaving behind here in Idaho. So it was a little emotional to see everyone there that I care so much about. I'm really going to miss my friends.

 They also surprised Dave with a birthday cake. (It's his birthday TODAY!) Party cake with Jelly Belly's. Nice detective work, Courtney :)
 Texas here we come. Thanks for the great send off everyone. I am seriously so touched that anyone would even think to do this for me. It means a lot. I'm crying right now just thinking about. Thanks guys.


Mom said...

I think that I will suggest that neither you or Dave grow a black mustache! That post even made me choke up - Christy, Jan, the girl in the white shirt that teaches relief society- I feel like I know so many people there now. I will even miss Kuna. So very sweet of them to throw you a going away party. Thanks to them all.

Anonymous said...

Amber! you are so sweet! Im really going to miss you! Im so glad I got the chance to be friends with you and look forward to following your blog and seeing what your up to in Texas! Thank you for being have inspired me in so many ways! Good luck with your new adventue!!


Jan said...

And we will miss you too!! It was a fun night! And I am definitely keeping the hat and mustache. . . I think it was a good look for me!

kelsey said...

I'm crying right now just thinking about it too, and I'm not even there with you. Moving is hard. You have some great friends to throw you that party, but it also just shows how great you guys are that you impacted so many people who love you and want you to know you'll be missed!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

awww! this is SO great! i wish i would've known about it - you know we totally would have been there! we love you guys!!! and of course you are going to be missed SO MUCH!!! xo


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Happy we could be there with you guys, we love you and will miss you SO much!

valerie said...

So sad I missed out on that party! I had a big family thing that night, so I had to miss yours :( But that in no way means that I don't love your beautiful face, or that I am not going to miss you! Please know that :) You are amazing and I am so so excited for you to start your new adventure in Texas! I will blog stalk you just as much as I do now, that's for sure!

The Thomsons said...

It was a blast putting it together and actually surprising you! :) Gonna miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you all night. So sad Jayson had to work and I missed it. You will be missed. I'm glad I'll be able to keep in touch via Facebook and your blog.

Love, Gabrielle

kelsey said...

p.s. your hair looks great. yes, I came back just to look at you. that's not weird at all.

Emily said...

Sooo happy for you guys, but you will surley be missed! Even though we don't see each other anymore- I feel like I know everything going on with you guys through your blog! Hope everything goes well the next little while!
And did you say there was an IKEA close by??? Lucky, lucky girl!