Friday, April 20, 2012

awesomest park ever

We went to the coolest park ever today. It is super close to our house too. It has this whole mini- village area. A fire station, grocery store, mechanic, library, house, etc... with working street lights. It's so fun!!

 It also has a HUGE sand area that my kids loved.

 Look at those cute baby feet in the sand :)
 They even had this musical instrument part. Guess who liked it?
And another CRAZY thing that I found out today. My new friend here- her name is Jessica. She lives down the street from us. She has three kids. Two girls and a boy (that just so happen to be the same ages as my kids). Anyway-- she was on Deal or No Deal. HERE'S the clip. She's cute, huh? That makes me kinda famous since she's kinda famous and we're kinda friends now :)


mom said...

hello my famous girl! i can't wait to go to that park and also to meet your millionaire friend. looks like a great park!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

whaaaaaaaa??! you live by a millionaire!? you must be in a niiiice area! and that park looks super cool!!

Anonymous said...

I never watch that show. However, I do remember that episode. It was ONE I did watch. She's cute! Was that baby #3 in her tummy or baby #2?

Cool park and so glad you found a new friend.


Chris Keller said...

Man, we are definitely coming to visit! Those parks look like so much fun. I am so glad that you found a friend with kids the same ages...who knew!? Was she really the first million dollar winner? That is awesome. She is way cute.

Miss you guys. OH, how did those cream puffs turn out?

kelsey said...

That is hilarious. I've always wondered how much they actually take home. . . so now you can find out for me! lol.

Love the park. I need to come over.