Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday walk and shameless plug

We went to this little pond/fountain yesterday to explore. It's right behind Quinn's new school-- which is about a half mile from our house. (Yes-- those are some fine mansions over there. That is NOT our neighborhood. But a nice place to live right by or take a run through) :)
(Don't be jealous of my toned arms....)
There were some cute ducks to feed. (thank goodness I had a couple baggies of goldfish/pretzels in the van)

Veda didn't really want to share her baggie of snacks and would get really mad if we tried to take a few out of her bag to feed to the ducks. She's a little young to understand sharing. But at least she looked cute with her outfit/necklace on.
 She got to run down a hill for the first time. She did surprisingly well.
 So this picture shows Quinn's school in the background. Yes-- it's huge.
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T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

Amber, you look so cute! I also think your hair looks great as always! Anyways just popping in to say HI and that I signed up for you under that link, enjoy your extra points/money :O)

Mom said...

Reminds me of taking you guys to Salem pond when you were little> I'm wishing we had as nice of weather as you.