Thursday, April 26, 2012


Things are fine, but I find myself making a lot of wishes lately...

I wish that unloading the dishwasher and sweeping my kitchen floor weren't chores I had to do every day. I don't mind doing some housework. But I really hate staying on top of the cleanliness of my kitchen. As soon as I get it cleaned up after a meal, it's time for the next. And don't get me started on this house's kitchen. I miss my old kitchen a LOT.

I wish I could cut my own hair. I'm having to find someone new to cut my hair. And as you all probably know-- that causes me stress.

I wish I didn't have to remind my kids all day to be the angels that I know they are. I say these things all day long:
Please don't growl at your sister
Please don't slam the doors!
Please don't make such a humungous mess on the couch with your crackers
Please share with Veda
Please don't knock Veda over
Please don't slam that door
Please stop asking me for juice, you know the answer is no
Please don't play your imaginary guitar so incredibly loud while we are sitting in church, or the grocery store, or while your sisters are both already crying
(I know I have good kids... but boy do I remind them about stuff all.... day... long)

I wish that my allergies weren't so bad. If you were ever curious if allergies could kill you, I'll let you know. I think I might be close to death. (Right this moment I'm fine, but it's because I didn't go outside at all yesterday. We are headed to the park this morning... I might be passed away by this evening).

I wish that our insurance wasn't going up so much. I've spent days shopping around for new car and health insurance. Holy toledo... it's all costing a lot more here.

I wish that I could help my kids adjust to the move. I love them and try to be as understanding as possible, but it's just hard to see them struggle with something because of the move. We are having some regression with Quinn. I knew she would have a harder time than the other kids, but it's hard to see it happen. She has her kindergarten evaluation this afternoon. Cross your fingers that she talks to the teacher.

And while we're wishing... I wish I had a million dollars. I would fly my mom and sister here for a week. Plus do other stuff... since two plane tickets don't cost 1 million dollars. :)


T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

Amber, I know a little all too well about moving and the challenges with kids. But I do feel for you with three kids that gotta be tough. I hope everyone starts adjusting soon and getting back to NORMAL. By the way you have great kids there for you're a great mom. Kids all have their ups and downs and I know how good of a kid Hayden is but he sure tested that idea when we moved to Kuna. Good luck girly & I'm having trouble too with finding a hair dresser now that you're gone and I'm way past due for a new dew :O)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

im glad to hear you have to remind your kids the same thing 10,000Xs per day! i thot it was just me and jax that did that. super annoying huh!? it sure does take patience to be a momma!! love the pics! it looks hoooottt there! how fun! :)

p.s. i hope you survived the park. have you tried claritin ??

Sarah Keller said...

I am so sorry to you are having a tough day! I had a cold and I almost didn't make I can only imagine constant allergies! ha. It is rewarding, yet tough to move. In the first few months it always seems like the differences are a bit of a shock, but then you get used to things once all the details of living there are ironed out. Hang in there and know that we are thinking of you!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Oh Am, I can relate to many of your wishes :-) Hang in there....moving is hard, big big adjustment!!! I hope Quinn talked to the kindergarten teacher today!!! I sure miss you & those ANGELS of yours :-)

Mom said...

I'm voting for the million dollars and the plane tickets! Then I'd be more than happy to unload and reload that dishwasher! I love that pic of the kids eating popsicles in their swim suits. And I'm sorry you inherited my allergies;(

Anonymous said...

Love your post. Hang in there! Sounds like we have a few of the some things going on. I think that about my kitchen everyday. Sometimes I wish we could afford a maid so I can have a break. :)

I say the somethings to my kids. Right now I'm struggling with getting them to stay in bed. Grrr!

Allergies. Amber I FEEL FOR YOU! I struggle with them too. Have you heard or tried Nassonex? It does require a prescription but it's helped me a ton. Sometimes I take Singular too. However, ALLERGIES are the worst.

Thanks for helping me feel better today! :) You're the best. I hope you find someone to do your cute hair!!

How did Quinn do?


kelsey said...

I miss you. This post kind of made me cry. Sheesh. I'm pretty emotional lately. lol.

I hope you find a million dollars, and save a few hundred for me to come visit too. Then maybe a couple of bucks to go get ice cream at ikea.

I'm glad your kids aren't perfect. My repeats are a little more intense though, "Don't push Scarlett over. Don't hit your sister. Get out of your sister's bed. blah, blah, blah." Does it ever sink in?

Poor Quinn, I wish Norah would go inward sometimes instead of lashing out when we move. . . ha. Trade?

Julie said...

I wish I was a fairy godmother and could grant all your wishes! Especially the one about the million dollars!

Courtney said...

How did Quinn do?