Saturday, April 28, 2012

our week in pictures

Here's a catch up on our week. In pictures.

We had a good but busy week. Veda has been sick- and unfortunately the other kids are coming down with it too. ONE of these nights all three of them will sleep well... and I will too :) 

I LOVE THIS BABY. Holy cow... like I really love this baby. She is sweet and darling and cute and snuggly and funny and awesome. 
 We went back to the awesome park that's by our house. Me and Vede hanging out in the sandbox under the canopy.
 Hendrix playing drums at the park.
 We had a little 'lemonade stand,' but with water. Good thing it was water. Veda was hilarious. Quinn and I would pour her little bit. Veda would pretend to take a sip. Then dump the rest out on her feet. Repeated 20 times.
 But how could we refuse our cutest customer... even if she wasted it :)
Wow... give Hendrix a hose and free range of the backyard and you have two things:
a very entertained and happy little boy for two hours
a very muddy, sandy, wet, and overwatered garden, grass, patio, and sandbox
Quinn borrowed my phone to take some pictures. I won't share them all. Unless some of you want to see 40 pictures of the floor? This one was cute though.
 And this one is classic. Me-- taking something out of Veda's mouth that she had found on the floor. Something I do often. I'm so glad Quinn took a picture of it so I could always remember all the times I pull something out of Veda's mouth that she shouldn't be eating.


Julie said...

You are such a good mom!!! Your little cuties don't know how lucky they are!!!!!!!!!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! Cute pics!

Mom said...

I really love those three littles! That's a fun idea to make a box into a lemonade stand. You always seem to come up with clever ideas.