Saturday, April 21, 2012


We went to this cute little town just north of us today- Georgetown.

 Here's what we did:

- went to this adorable little toy store. It was filled with all German (and expensive) super cool toys.
- ate at Monument Cafe. Super good food. It's all local and organic and real food. It was really good. They have this garden right outside their restaurant that you can walk through.
- got cupcakes from Galaxy Bakery. It's been on a show we watched on Netflix, so we had to try it.
- went to a park where the kids ran and ran for 2 miles. :)
 (ha... I might have taken a few bites of the orange one before I decided to take a picture) :)

We packed our day- but it was so fun! Everything is new to us here, so it makes Saturday family days exciting :)


mom said...

what a fun day it sounds like you had! let's do it again next time i come over!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

that is the BEST thing about living in a new place! sounds like a fun day!!! when we moved to if, even going to the grocery store was fun for the first few days bc it was NEW. glad you are enjoying your adventure :)

p.s. those cupcakes look AMAZING!

Mom said...

i bet dad likes that picture of quinn and hendrix running. future cross country stars!!!! looks like a fun place to go!