Wednesday, April 04, 2012

hendrix's big day

Amidst the crazy day of moving, we celebrated Hendrix's birthday. We had guitar cake.
 How did he get so old??!! 
 Everyone enjoyed the cake.
Here is our crazy full moving truck. I'm so glad that we sold most of our furniture because we were really packed in (we only got a 16 foot truck). But it fit-- and Dave and my dad did an AWESOME job of driving to Texas. 
Since all of our belongings were in a moving truck for three days while my mom and I and the kids were still in Idaho, a couple of my friends brought over dinner for us. On April Fool's Day-- my friend Jan made us 'dirt' for dessert. My kids thought it was awesome. :)


Chelsea and Shane said...

Glad you made it safely!!! ENJOY getting your IKEA fix.

kelsey said...

CUTE CAKE!!! I love it. You're so talented. I love packing moving trucks to make everything fit, but hate that all the stuff inside is mine and has to come out somewhere. . . So glad you made it!

Mom said...

Wasn't Jan and Lindsey the greatest? I don't know if either one will read this but THANK YOU! For those who don't know, Jan brought over air mattresses, bedding, towels, pac n plays, food,(including the April Fools day dirt dessert) and yes, a CAR!! And then came over to take apart the beds after we left. I hope I got Lindsey's name right, but whoever you are, the lasagna was SOOO good:)

Jan said...

Your welcome (and it was Whitney that helped me, but she won't care!)!!!! Loved being able to help! Love you guys too!

Mom said...

Sorry, Whitney. The lasagna was wonderful and appreciated.