Monday, July 30, 2012

17 months

It's crazy how many more pictures I get of Veda than the other kids. She is by far the most cooperative when I bust out the camera. But Veda has been quite the character lately, so she kinda needs me to take her picture a bunch since she is doing so many cute silly new things. Here's what she's up to at her amazing 17 months of life.

The Learning Tower stool is her favorite place to stand. She is up on it a lot lately. Pulling everything off the counter that she can or coloring on all my important papers. All while looking as innocent as possible.
 She loves to wear Quinn's stuff. More specially Quinn's swimsuits-- over her head.
 More swimsuits- and shoes.
 Or wings around her neck. That's exactly how they go.
 She is starting to hold her own with the other kids. She can climb up to the kitchen table no problem (I find her on top of the table more than I would like to admit). And when she gets frustrated poor little Hendrix is the receiver of most of her bites.
 She LOVES babies right now. She's always holding them and hugging them and giving them kisses.
 Ready to go to the store!
She is a great sleeper- but having a hard time adjusting to one nap. She refuses to sleep in the morning most days-- even though she acts like she needs a nap.
She's still nursing- 4 times a day.
Loves the pool- but hates to be held in the water. So it's tricky at the pool-- thank goodness for the baby pool where she can walk on her own.
Thinks daddy and Hendrix are the coolest people ever.
Climbs on everything. She can even get up on my bathroom counter. Stinker.
Wears 18-24 month clothes (just in case any of you wanted to send her some cute new clothes)
One more month until she has to go to nursery at church. (not really something I look forward to)
Is just about the sweetest, cutest, most lovable little baby on the planet and we love her to pieces!


Mom said...

What a great post. I sure love that beautiful baby!!

kelsey said...

You're a champ for nursing that long, and especially in the heat of summer. I die nursing in the summer! But I wish either of my girls would have held out longer than they did.

Oh nursery . . . good times. Scarlett hates it. Extra good times.

Love Veda in every picture. Whatever she's wearing, she's darling.

Lindsay said...

she really is such a cutie. 17 months already? i can't believe it. im throughly convinced and her and cailin would be besties. wish we were closer.

Cami and Juan said...

She is so sweet! I watched her with your husband during combined meeting on Sunday and she was just so well-behaved! I love her dress-up pictures.

Jan said...

She is ADORABLE! I miss seeing her cute face!