Friday, July 06, 2012

too many pictures

I probably take too many pictures. Here are some of the random things I've taken pictures of the last couple of days:

Taking a walk. A robot in one hand. An aardvark in the other.
This is what happens when you have three kids bugging you when you are trying to paint your toe nails.
 Mr. Silly playing with Mr. Potato Head
Veda found Hendrix's undies on the floor and decided that they were a hat. And That's Quinn sticking hat #2 of a bucket on her head.
 Pumpkin brownies.
 We spent the morning at the pool. I know... surprise, surprise.

Veda has had an exciting couple of days. Veda spiked a high fever on Tuesday that turned out to be from double ear infections. I took her to the doctor and she started her on amoxicillin. Only to find out that the poor baby is ALLERGIC to it. So she's got a mega bad rash and has to stay on antibiotics even longer. :(


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

SAD! i hope veda feels better soon!

Hendrix is getting so SO big! oh my gosh, he looks so tall!

Emily said...


I want to crawl through the computer right now and finish the rest of that pumpkin brownie! Oh my word, I would pay $ 100 for a pan right now!!!

Mom again said...

I'm so glad Hendrix likes that Aardvark. cute how Veda puts everything on her head (I hope that underwear was clean). No link to the pumpkin brownies??? I love the shot of the water splashing and Quinn laughing.

Julie said...

Veda's swimsuit is cute! Hope she's feeling better soon!

Lindsey said...

I don't think you take too many pictures. I never get sick of looking at them :)

valerie said...

Ok so I am finally looking at your blog and wow I always feel like a lazy sack when I read about your adventures. Either you have an awesome way of making your simple everyday life super exciting or you really are all sorts of fun! Im so happy you are happy in Austin......even with the heat?! I haven't heard you complain once about that :) of course you can never take too many such thing!
Well I sure do love you and love looking at your sweet family. Veda esp is growing up so much!