Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Instagrams from last week

Wow... I did a lot on Instagram last week. Here are the pictures that some of you missed since you aren't on Instagram (yet) ;)

Dave is awesome at getting Veda to sleep at church. Me- not so awesome at it.

My parents are AWESOME. They send me fudge in the mail from places they go on vacation. It's the best.
 Veda finally got to play with play doh with the big kids. she didn't even very much of it ;)

 Picking the chocolate chips out of their pancakes.

 (I know- he needs a boy hat). But look how cute they are holding hands.
 Daddy's old Mico-machines.
I ran 8 miles!!!

 What's on your face??!
Hendrix's hair is finally long enough to spike up again.
 Dave and I went on a date downtown last weekend.
 My handsome rockers
Little monkey


kelsey said...

this made me cry, I miss you guys so much.

please tell me that picture was during a prayer at church, and that guy doesn't just sit like that in class! ha.

I'm so jealous that you ran 8 miles!!! I wish. I'm dying . . . and might have to give up running until this baby pops out. It makes me cry to think about losing all that endurance. Oh well.

Seriously. Veda. Are you serious. She's so cute I just want to steal her.

Lindsay said...

I loved seeing these again for the second time. CUTEST KIDS EVER!!!!!!!!