Sunday, July 22, 2012

our week in pictures

Lot of catching up to do with pictures. Veda seems to be the easiest to catch a picture of- so there's lots of her and some other things we've been up to.

This is a road leading to our subdivision. Look how pretty! We've had a lot of rain so everything is green and beautiful. Plus the puffy white clouds. :)
 Worms are fascinating.

 some 'teeth' we had for dinner one night.
 me and Veda at Monument Cafe on a lunch date with daddy
 My next door neighbor found some brand new kittens in his yard. They were darling little things.

Reading books with two babies

 I got a haircut this week. This is what I got when I asked Dave to take a picture of my hair.
 This lizard was on our window last night. I hope he was outside eating lots of grosser things.
 Look how great Dave's legs look in a speedo. :)
 My cute girls playing
 Have any of you had these ice cream sandwiches from Costco? They are amazing. Like a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.
 More of me and my side kick


Mom said...

I sure enjoyed all those pictures! You are all amazing and wonderful and fun to look at!

kelsey said...

EVERY time I ask Jake to take a pic, there's my boobs, with no face. lol. And not just one picture, like 20. but your bum is pretty cute in those yellow hot pants! Now I need one of those cookie sandwiches. torture.