Friday, July 20, 2012

skirt and swim diapers

 I dusted off the ol' sewing machine to make Quinn this skirt. I think it turned out good considering I was just trying to copy one of her other skirts that I love. The lining fabric I used is a little too thick so it doesn't seem as flowy as the other skirt. But I love the idea of horizontal pleats with a ruffle underneath. I think I'll make her one more so I can perfect it a little more. (I think my ruffle needs to be a little higher under the pleats- and next time I'll use a lighter weight liner).

I patterned it after this skirt of hers:
And one of my new friends gave me the best tip ever. You can WASH swim diapers! I'm talking disposable swim diapers that you usually just rip off and throw away. Slide that sucker off their legs and throw it in the washing machine with their swim suit and let it air dry. And good as new! I don't think it has unlimited uses, but I've already done it a handful of times and I can't tell a difference. Talk about a money saver. We go swimming almost every day around here. This summer I've already had Hendrix in a cloth swim diaper because I know he won't poop in it. But I didn't want to put Veda in one because she still might poop while at the pool and I don't want to clean up that mess. But now I can just put a disposable one on her, and if she poops I can throw it away, and if not, I can just wash it! You're welcome :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh my gosh i am so happy about the swim diaper tip!! we have gone swimming almost everyday in our pool. what a money saver!!! i'll have to give it a try!

kelsey said...

I JUST pulled out the dress you made for Norah when Scarlett was born out of that same material! Except this time, it's for Scarlett to wear - - - unbelievable.

Nice tip on the swim diapers. We don't go swimming enough! Sad.

Jan said...

So stinkin' cute!! Your talents are endless.....seroiusly!!!

and on the DMV post--Texans are idiots....time to come back to Idaho where we know the littlest person on the planet is not pregnant and where I would watch your kids while you go to the DMV!

Love ya!!!

Mom said...

Very cute skirt! It's great to create something. Especially if you haven't for a while.

Pikula's said...

Great idea with the swim diapers, and i really really love the skirt!! you are so very talented!!!

Chelsea Stevens said...

YAY... thanks of the swim diaper tip... MONEY SAVER!!! We are also in the water a lot during the summer and I was so excited when I read this and even more excited when I put it into practice. Also cute skirt... you are so talented!!!