Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hendrix is loved

Two things that prove how much we love Hendrix around here:
1. Sometimes Quinn gets excited about something and tells Hendrix all about it. This morning we were talking about preschool and kindergarten etc. Quinn hopped off her chair and ran over to Hendrix and started telling him in his ear all about preschool. The days you get to wear pajamas and how you get to dress up for Halloween. And how sometimes, just sometimes you get to play with toys. 

2. How the #1 recipient of hugs and kisses from Veda is Hendrix. Veda is always covering him with kisses and trying to hug him. And if Hendrix is sad or crying Veda runs over and hugs him and pats him and says "ba ba." It might be the sweetest thing ever.
One thing is for sure- this little boy is pretty adored by his sisters.

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Mom said...

aww! He is also adored by his Grandma!