Monday, September 10, 2012

iPhone pics

I'm a little behind on sharing my iPhone pics on the blog. Here's what I've been up to:

Still training for a half marathon. I was planning to run one at the end of October- and now I'm running one the end of September. So the countdown is on! I've been putting in lots of miles and it's super fun.
 Still catch this baby on my camera ALL DAY LONG. And still while she's eating :)
 (labor day)
 (labor day again)
Hendrix and Veda have a lot more time together lately now that Quinn is at school all day. I think they are getting to be closer :)

 Veda is learning to 'do' puzzles.

 Booty Art by Hendrix
I stood in for our parents at school last week for "Grandparents Day" at Quinn's school. I just went for lunch- but it was fun and cute to see Quinn at school.

I don't put Vedes in jeans very much- but these darling jeans that were Quinn's finally fit her. Super cute. (Thanks Aunt Krystal)

 A super cool place we went on date on Saturday. It was an awesome movie theater downtown where you eat dinner during your movie. Really cool place- if you come visit we'll take you there.
 could she be any cuter? Geez.


kelsey said...

Geez is right- your kids are the cutest. Also, you, as well. Also, stop talking about running, it's making me really jealous. I guess I'll get over it after I get this baby out. I'm so excited for you to run a half and tell me all about it. I'll just live vicariously through you.

I want to visit. And watch movies. And eat. I'm super proud of you guys for dating so much! That's awesome.

Mom said...

I LOVED all these pictures!! I don't know where to start on the comments. Love that green shirt. Quinn couldn't be any cuter. Can't wait to go to that movie dinner theater. Wish I coulda gone to Grandparents day . Hendrix is funny with his chip clip booty art! I love all 3 of those cute babies SOOOO much! Good job on the running AND coordinating your running clothes!

Emily said...

Amber- I'm so proud of you for commiting to such a HUGE thing- a 1/2 marathon, way to go! So glad you are making friends and taking time for yourself! And you look super cute in your hot pink outfit!

Jan said...

I love that you are running but I have to say you are too skinny!!! Eat some carbs babe!!! Seriously!!!!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Am, you are a rock star! And your kids are TOO stinkin cute!