Sunday, September 09, 2012

Book Signing

Your eyes are not deceiving you- this is me with Dana- from MADE
She recently wrote a book- Fabrics A to Z. She had a book signing in Austin the other night and I couldn't help myself but to go meet her in person. I have followed and loved her blog for years. And I can honestly say that she is even more cool in person than on her blog. She was so nice and friendly and sweet and cool. It was so fun to meet her. She took the time to talk to everyone and seemed genuinely interested in our simply lives :)
Here are some of my sweet friends that came with me that night. I'm so glad I had some company because I wasn't going to miss the book signing, but I also didn't really want to go by myself! (that girl in the black and white skirt also ran TEN MILES with me yesterday. Talk about a sweet friend!)
Not only was the night super fun- but I won a door prize!!! Check out this cute little bundle of fabric that she gave me. It was my lucky night! :)


Mom said...

Wow! That almost makes you a celebrity since you met her! Congratulations on winning the door prize. You lucky girl!!

Kristin Reichert said...

That's awesome that you actually won something! Looks like you guys had fun!

Cami and Juan said...

It was a lot of fun! Definitely a good excuse for a girls night out. Thanks for thinking of me.

kelsey said...

FUN! I saw you on her blog, you're totally famous and rocking the yellow pants.