Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glasses and Q's Half Birthday

These glasses were in the dollar spot at Target. I thought they would be a good addition to the dress up box. But I didn't realize how big they'd be the kids :)
 They are a better fit for me :)
 And these puppies glow in the dark.
Quinn is officially FIVE AND A HALF!!! So naturally, we had a little party. I don't really ever celebrate anything except the first 1/2 birthday for my kids- but I pointed out to Quinn that she was officially 5 1/2, so she asked me to make cake pops. And I love any excuse to make cake. :)
She even got a few presents. They weren't anything too exciting- just a few things she needed anyway and a pair of clearance sandals from Target. I really just wrapped up stuff that I was buying for her anyway, and we had a party :)
And just a cute picture of Hendrix that didn't go with any other post lately. We went to a birthday party yesterday for one of Hendrix's friends. Hendrix carried the birthday present in- walked right up to his friend, handed it to him, and said "Here, Pierce- we got you a BATMAN!"


Mom said...

Well kids and adults love cake and presents (and bubbles) and sunglasses!

kelsey said...

Love the Hendrix quote. Classic.

Half birthdays are great, especially when accompanied by band-aids.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

You are such a good mom Am! Miss you and those cute kids!

Janssen said...

You are SERIOUSLY a fun mom.

Julie said...

Do you think it's in our genes to have an unnatural attachment to birthdays? Even Jonathan was reminiscing the other day about how he used to declare birthday parties for his teddy bears just so we could make cake! BTW--I think your Amberfest gifts from me might be a couple days late. You'll just have to open extra presents when they come to catch up! Sorry!!!