Sunday, September 16, 2012


We had a fun weekend. We went to REI and walked around and let the kiddos play. Who knew they had a little play area for kids? They've already asked to go back 5 times. 
After REI we went to lunch and ate outside since it was BEAUTIFUL outside. I think I'm going to love the fall in Texas.
 I have no clue why he was making such a stink face. But all the pictures I took of him were about like this.
At REI they gave the kiddos these little adventure journals. Quinn has loved it and spent a while filling hers out and doing the puzzles.
Dave has been helping out around the house this weekend because I'm a little injured (I think I might have overdone my running this week. After my run on Saturday my foot started hurting really bad. I can't put much weight on it without it hurting. It REALLY stinks. My race is in two weeks, so I hope I'm all better by then. Before then, really- so I can finish getting ready for my race) But thanks to Dave- we had smiley strawberries for dinner.
And look at those naughty kids sitting on the counter. And those pretty flowers? From Dave and the kids since my foot hurts :)


Cami and Juan said...

Oh no, your foot! You make sure you rest it up, you will be great by race day. And REI, we need to check it out.

kelsey said...

TOFP? Top of foot pain? OUCH. I hope you're all better too. That bites to work so hard and be so close. I love REI. A lot.

I love kids on the counter too. Look at you, loosening up in your old age!!! HA. Love you.

Mom said...

What kind of place is REI? I hope your foot gets better fast. I love all those naughty kids!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

what a sweet hubby you have!! i hope your foot gets better and that you don't re-injure it in your race!!

do you have GRANITE countertops!!!?!? jealous of your cute kitchen! :)

Janssen said...

Fall in Texas makes up for the summer :)

And H loves that little playground at REI too!

Julie said...

I hope your foot gets better soon! I love REI--I could just go there and browse for hours. I could have a lot of fun there if someone would give me a million dollars...