Thursday, September 06, 2012


Just some happy things that have been happening.

I kinda happened upon a group of ladies that run in my neighborhood. I've been lonely/bored/scared on my runs lately, so I am overjoyed to have someone to run with. This morning I ran with my neighbor across the street (who I haven't really known very well yet). And yesterday I ran up a long hill 5 times with 7 other ladies. It was so fun. With this group I am definitely the young one- which is a change from other new friends that I have here that are much younger than me. These runners are all in their 40's or 50's. And a lot are in better shape than me :)

I'm going to a book signing for THIS lady tonight. She is still my favorite craft-type blogger, so I'm SUPER excited. She lives here in Austin and I've been hoping to run into her at Target or something but it hasn't happened. So this is a good way to finally see her in person without looking like a crazy person. Plus- I talked 4 other girls into going with me. Should be a good time.

Quinn is thriving in Kindergarten. I know it's only been less than two weeks, but boy does it make me happy to see her doing so well. I was so worried that she would be ALONE at school because she is too quiet to talk to anyone. But every day she tells me stories of the little girls she is playing with at recess and who she sits by on the rug for stories and who brought what for lunch. It's cute.

MY MOM COMES IN ONE MONTH!!!! And my brother Fritz comes in a month and a few days! :)

So other than a couple little babies with colds, things are pretty good around here!


Mom said...

Man is, that he might have joy. I'm glad you're happy and your biorhythms are up. Do you have yarn? I looked at that blog and thought it might be fun for Quinn and I to make it (or you and me). Sorry, the big spider web. Then maybe for FHE we can do some spiders for it! I am getting so excited to come over and spoil and kiss my babies!

kelsey said...

How was the book signing?!?!? jealous. she's amazing. Is it weird that I always know that your mom will be coming in October and it makes me excited for you? lol.