Thursday, September 20, 2012


My Instagrams from last week:

My new shades:

 Veda got two stamps after Hendrix's soccer class.
 She loves it.
And she has the sweetest face on the planet.

 We had some rain last week. How cute are little kids playing and laughing in the rain? 
 Red&White Striped twinners
 We had to make cookies since it was a rainy day. What else can you do?
 Oh man- I had a new sitter for our date last week. She was AMAZING. She left my kiddos this for when they woke up. And yes- my kids are begging to have her back :)


kelsey said...

Veda, yum.
Stripes, yum.
Cookies . . . oh . . . yum.

Stephanie Lee said...

So fun to see what you and your cute kids are up to! I can't get over how darling Veda is. Actually, all your kids, for that matter. And who is this awesome sitter?! We'll have to hire her when we get back.

T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

So Cute! Glad you found a GOOD sitter, that was so cute of her. . . You look way cute yourself aswell & way to keep up with running, it's amazing. I never could run :) But plan to try and get in shape after my 6wk healing of c section is over so thanks for the motivation. And to me it's fall, so HAPPY FALL AMBER


Mom said...

Oh, you have the most darling children. I can't wait to get there! And I love how you always take pictures of delicious looking food.