Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What a day!!! I'll spare you the details for now- but here are a couple of silly pictures from our day.
Me and Hendrix played with the dollhouse. It was funny to see him play with it- since he is the classic cars, trucks, superhero kind of kid. But of course, our Polly Pockets were being chased by monsters or something (which we quickly changed to something else because this crazy mommy doesn't allow monster play). It was cute though, so I took a picture :)
I have totally neglected my garden. I thought it was done. So imagine my surprise today when I walked out and found two HUGE zucchinis. I wanted to get a picture to show how big it was so I held it up to Veda. And she immediately leaned in for a kiss. Because that's what you do with a big squash, right?


Mom said...

Oh, Oh. Does Quinn know Hendrix was playing with her Polly Pockets while she was at school? I smell Zucchini bread! Zucchini brownies are also great.

Julie said...

Why not monsters? He is a boy after all--I think you'll have a hard time stopping that one no matter how hard you try!

krystal said...

ah oh...what happened to Veda's shoe??? awww she is so sweet!