Friday, October 30, 2009


it was not a good picture night. This is the only good picture from Trunk or Treat. She is holding a smaritie.... that she licked one lick at a time (and never finished....I found it on the counter after we got home....but it was licked down to a small sliver)

a little flashback for you...Quinn as a turkey last Halloween.


krystal said...

I love the turkey costume, AND the lady bug too!

kelsey said...

i love that turkey costume, i hope hendrix fits into it next year, just so i can see him as a little turkey! hehehe. maybe you should put it on him now. . . just in case!

i don't know if i told you, but great job on quinn's costume, it's super cute.

Mom said...

What a cute little ladybug!! (She was an awfully cute turkey too).