Monday, October 12, 2009


do you ever have one of those days--especially the day after a horrible-mom-day, where you realize how great your kids are? Quinn is 2 1/2...and acts like it. she can be fiesty and stubborn and throw tantrums like no other. but then we have days where she is sweet, and kind and doesn't throw any tantrums, and i'm reminded that I can actually do this.

she starting to protest naps and diaper changes a LOT--even though she refuses to go potty in potty and definitely still needs a nap. today i heard her singing to her monkey during her entire nap time. she knows so many cute little songs and is starting to learn her letters. it's so cute--and her cute little voice seems to make it all the cuter.

she is SO sweet to her brother. she always wants to see him right away after he wakes up. she wants to get right in his sleepy face and shout "HI LITTLE WADDIE!!! DID YOU SLEEP GOOD??!!?" and it seems like she has realized that at 4:30 when i'm cooking dinner, she needs to talk to him and be his buddy so mommy can cook. they always have these cute screaming/laughing matches. and now that he can follow, a new world is opening to her, she thinks it's GREAT!!

she is such a girly-girl. i love how she loves to wear dresses and necklaces and put on make-up. (grandma marcia was sweet to let quinn help her with her make-up EVERY morning she was here) sometimes I hurry and sneakily do it in the bathroom so i don't have 'help' or a toddler with blush and eye shadow on all day

and she is SO POLITE. seriously...i'm sometimes impressed with how darn polite she is. even when she is having a tantrum (let's say I'm trying to get her to put on her shoes so we can leave) she will scream and cry, but say 'No thanks, mom.'

i could go on all day about how smart and cute and sweet *and difficult* she is. I sure love my baby girl.


Mom said...

I totally agree that she is sweet and smart and girlie and a wonderful sister. i honestly don't miss the "help" with my make-up but miss you all sooo much. And there's no one to jump on my bed or empty my suitcase. Two year olds are amazing, especially our Quinn-O.

kelsey said...

you still haven't told me what trick you used to get her to be so polite! i'm waiting. . .