Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hendrix in a basket

I'm so behind with blogging!!! I just imported 126 pictures from my camera...just from the last 2 days.
Here's Hendrix in the laundry basket. It's way easier to just put him in and carry it up the stairs than to carry the basket on one hip and him on the other.

Quinn always thinks it's hilarious...

Plus he loves to eat socks?

And I didn't realize how slobbery his shirt was until I took the picture....gross, I know. I changed it right after :)

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cc said...

Ha Ha, that is too funny. Would you believe Brian just recently took a picture of Julia doing the same thing?! (and I was just waiting for the right moment to post it...) I don't think I ever did it with my other kids, but it's just the only way to get the laundry done! (it's nice to know other moms do it)