Sunday, October 04, 2009

Amberfest. Day 6.

Day 6: Amber is on time. Always.

Today's post is a little ironic. Why? Because I'm late on posting this. I fell asleep on the couch last night before I posted and didn't have the post up before Am woke up with the kids and checked the blog. But that as part of the fun of this post - to show how great she is with time scheduling and how bad I am.

Here are a few examples to illustrate this point:

1. When we lived in LA, Amber had to take the hair stylists test for state certification. She got everything ready, got up really early and left early for the test - you never know how long LA traffic will take. About a half hour later she called to tell me she was there and waiting in the parking lot. The funny thing is she was there an hour and a half early. She got there before they opened the building and had to wait in the car for that hour and a half.

2. Almost every morning, Am wakes up a half hour before the kids, so she can take a shower and be ready for the day before the kids are up. This means sometimes 5:00 or 5:30am.

3. She often talks to her mom on the phone before 7:30am.

4. Every day, she is driven by an internal schedule that tells her exactly when the kids need to take naps. Thus, she often is the first person in parking lots, waiting for stores to open up in the morning because she has to go before Hendrix's nap.

6. As soon as I get up every morning, Amber is telling me all about what is going on with the kids, and the new thing she's sewing, and the new blog post she's working on, and what deals are at stores, and how she's going to do Quinn's hair that day... my response is usually something like, "blaargh." (note: I am a pirate who hates mornings)

7. Because of #6, Quinn has also become a morning person and I'm often awoken by Quinn (in true Amber fashion) standing on my side of the bed saying things like,
"Daddy, are you awake!" "Daddy do you like purple, Daddy?!" "Do you want to read some books Daddy!?" "Can I watch Dora Daddy!?""Daddy, will you get me some pretzels, Daddy!?" "Do you like juice Daddy, do you?!"

In all, Am is always aware of what her children/husband need and plans ahead, even when it is brutally hard - like waking up at 5:30am.

Momma, happy day 6. You are such a selfless person and sacrifice so much for us. We love purple and we love you.


valerie said...

dave freakin cracks me up! HOw did I not know how stinkin funny/is? Funny stuff, and makes me think that I am not as cool as you, cause there aint no way I'm waking up at 5 am to get ready before the childrens get up! :)

Mom said...

Amber learned that from her Dad, who taught it to me. (The day after we got married).