Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hendrix!!! my mom was wondering if Hendrix went to the zoo with us yesterday because he wasn't in any pictures. I took a few of him this will make up for it. and YES he was at the zoo with us. :)

"mmm...a turkey leg before church..."

and a couple more...just because he's so handsome in his new church shirt

check out this big boy. see him on his tip toes---he got in that position all by himself :)

the baby shower invites I made this weekend.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I can't get over that hair!! So cute!!!

cc said...

Brian didn't see Dave on the floor at first and couldn't figure out why Hendrix's hand looked so big! We had a good laugh once he figured it out.

Mom said...

The shower invites are SO cute! Wow that Hendrix is on his toes! I love the new church shirt. I'm glad Dave and Hendrix got to go to the zoo too.

Mom said...

P.S. I think he's gonna like chicken legs (or turkey).

The Thomsons said...

Yeah, great job on the invites! They are adorable, and so is your little man.

Lindsey said...

oooo I love how your invitation turned out!