Sunday, October 18, 2009


FACT #1: There is nothing sweeter than a parent's love for their child. But a VERY close second, is watching two of your young children interact with each other. It has been a joy to watch Quinn and Hendrix discover each other as friends. I love it.

FACT #2: I'm never cutting Quinn's hair again. maybe that's a lie. But I'm seriously considering growing it out for a while. I was trimming her hair this morning and she was being so squirmy, wiggly, and uncooperative that I sliced my finger open. I'm starting to think long hair might be cute on her.

maybe we'll grow this guy's hair out too :)


Megan said...

I started giving my kids a sucker only while I cut their hair. It's gross, hair gets stuck to it and they get sticky drool all over the cape. But they hold really still. So all and all it's totally worth it. And I just put the kids and the cape in the tub when we are all done.

Mom said...

Darling picture of the kids wearing orange! It is so cute to see kids interact and become friends to play together. I don't believe you that you'd never cut Quinn's hair, but I am sorry you cut your finger.

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

I think Quinn will look cute with any hair.

And no, Daryn doesn't have a job yet. Whats the name of the Salon you like and I'll pass it along! She was going to Oliver Finley.

Next time we come I'll let you know. I would love to meet your family! I think Jade would have lots of fun with your kids :)

kelsey said...

i love that they are matching--- and festive at the same time.
ouch. i wouldn't cut her hair again for a while either!! yikes.