Wednesday, October 07, 2009

some pictures

Now you all know how awesome of a husband I have. he's amazing, huh? i hope you all watched the video he made for me. and yes...if you pay him a lot of money, he'll make you one too :)

here's some random pictures from the last few days.
Quinn helped me blow out my birthday candle. yep...I turned one. and we had cookies instead of cake since we just had cake for Hendrix's 1/2 b-day.

Sarah and the kids joined our little b-day celebration

the family at lunch on my birthday...

hendrix is about to crawl!!! he is up on all fours and's SO cute. he still will scoot if he really wants to get to something quick, but i love to see him starting to really crawl. quinn just did her army crawl until she was 9 months, so it's fun that i'll have a crawler instead of scooter this time!

Quinn happy to be playing outside. it started getting cold....which means we've been inside a LOT

Quinn REALLY enjoying the leftover cheesecake that my mom and I had at Cheesecake Factory the night before.

my mom and i have been BUSY crafting and sewing. here's a few things we've done.
a halloween countdown

this is a christmas countdown. quinn will put a little magnet on a circle every day until christmas until the whole tree has ornaments!!

I made these jammies for Quinn!! it was my first time EVER doing sleeves....and it worked :) cute huh?

but she was NOT in the mood to model for me


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I LOVE the pjs and the halloween calender. SUPER cute! Glad you've had a nice time with your mom and such a nice birthday. You're getting old Amber!! :)

The Thomsons said...

Your calendars turned out way cute! And so did the jammies! You crafty lady you.

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

Do you have instructions for the Halloween/Christmas countdowns?? I love them. And I love the jammies too. You are so talented.

Stacey said...

Hey Amber! Dito on the previous comment: do you have instructions for the countdowns? I am needing some new holiday decorations!

Mom said...

That was fun, Am. Thanks for getting the stuff to make the countdown blocks. It had been awhile since I'd done a craft.