Friday, December 25, 2009


Hendrix had an awesome Christmas!!

Santa, Grandma and Grandpa Stevens, and his Aunt Julie loaded him up with some great boy toys!!!

Helping daddy construct his car ramp

Quinn's Christmas has been not quite as great as her brothers. Here's the only smiling picture we got of her... bummer. Shortly after opening presents we decided to take her temperature since she had felt warm since she woke up. Sure enough... temp of 103.8.... then the throwing up began. It's been a day of lots of laundry/baths/showers/and changes of clothes.

Here's a cute video of her getting a present from Santa. I love her little dance in the middle...

despite the sudden onset of the flu hopefully Quinn will remember today with happy memories!! she was so sweet and exited about today... poor girl


cc said...

That's so sad about Quinn. Hopefully her sense of time will allow her to "remember" that she was sick long after all the Christmas fun. Hope she feels better soon! Merry Christmas!

Hollie said...

Loved the happy dance! I love Christmas with the kiddos, they make it fun all over again. Hope she feels better soon!

Mom said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas morning! I loved the excited dance of Quinn. There's nothing better than little ones on Christmas morning. So sad that Quinn was sick. I hope she feels better and can truly enjoy her gifts today. I loved seeing Hendrix joy with new toys to play with!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

SAD! Hope she feels better soon!!