Sunday, December 06, 2009


our friends, Jason and Christy (and Owen and Emery) came over yesterday. Here is me and Emery after giving him a little hair cut. He's such a handsome boy!!!

Quinn and Emery had tons of fun playing together, but I never got a good picture of them together. These were the best-- Quinn being a doctor and taking his blood pressure

and checking his ears.

Me and Christy. Maybe next time we'll have to get a picture of the husbands?? I don't know how we forgot to do that... or how we'll get them to agree to it next time :)

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Mom said...

Your kitchen cabinets look so festive! Cute pictures of the kids playing together. You and Kristi look so happy! Nice post. Thanks for the fridge picture from Quinn- it's cool that she already knows where things are supposed to go. And thanks for the necklace magnets! You Rock!