Thursday, December 03, 2009


first of all.. thanks for all your comments on my last post! (Even though most of you were no help at all...) :) i guess you'll just have to wait to see what happens. since I don't know yet either!!

and second... I took 1,000 pictures of Hendrix today, and 998 of them were super cute. I won't post that many, but here's a few of my photogenic boy.

check out Q in the background... hilarious

don't you love when they teach each other things?? except Quinn one-upped him by actually LICKING the sliding door

he's been doing this nose scrunch the past few days... i'm glad i finally caught it on camera

these next few make me want to laugh just looking at him laugh. his laugh is a lot of times a scream/laugh... see his wide open mouth?? That's a scream

sorry about the messy face, but I loved this shot of his tooth. and his blue eyes. thanks dave, for passing those on

haha.... this face kills me.

I think he was getting sick of pictures??? and you are too??


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

What a smiley boy!! You have the most gorgeous children!!!

cc said...

So cute! Is he standing at the door?
He still seems a lot older than Julia in many ways...though I'm quite glad that she is still somewhat immobile for this holiday season.

Mom said...

I love that baby boy!!! You sure caught a good variety of expressions. (I sure love that darling little girl too).I especially love the reflection one.

April said...

Okay, I officially have a crush on that baby!!

Lindsey said...

You always had a thing for Elvis...the second to last picture looks just like him!

Julie said...

Am, you have the most adorable kids ever. Daniel's comment was, could Amber & Dave have anything but cute kids? :)

Scott & Katie said...

SOOOO Cute! I love the Elvis lip lol