Saturday, December 26, 2009

now it's a Merry Christmas!!!

this was what the poor girl looked like all day yesterday. she was either sleeping on one of us... puking... or in the bath.

but she's feeling much better today!!!

she's finally playing with and enjoying her new toys

... and Hendrix's new toys

and a picture of Hendrix. I think we have another pea-lover on our hands!! (They were always Quinn's favorite food as a baby.)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

YAY! So glad she is feeling better!! And, I LOVE those little slippers on her! How cute! And her skirt is super cute too! What a cute little girl!!!

valerie said...

Oh that is so sad that she was sick for christmas! Glad she is better now! What a stinkin cutie! Did you cut Hendrix hair??? Its so cute!

kelsey said...

sad that quinn was sick. that's the worst on christmas! i'm glad she is up and running again though.

Mom said...

So glad Quinn felt better so quickly! I love her sticking up pigtails! Great to see Hendrix loving his vegetables.